OnPoint Services

OnPoint Energy Services provides energy and oilfield services for Oklahoma’s energy industry leaders. Our goal for each project is a quick turnaround with zero incidents, minimal downtime and maximum customer profit.

Specializing in rig moving, OnPoint Energy also offers crane services and heavy haul transportation throughout the midwest region. As we expand our logistical services, oil producers, drilling companies and general construction contractors are turning to OnPoint for efficiently executed projects that save money and consistently beat competitor timelines.

We understand that waiting to move your rig puts your profits on the line, so our priority is minimizing downtime to maximize profits. At OnPoint Energy we control our size and use experienced operators to quickly adapt to customers’ needs and challenges.

Compliance with OSHA 10 and PEC Safeland standards and reliable equipment allow us to move rigs faster and safer than anyone in the market. In a volatile energy industry, we’ll make sure your supply can meet the demand.

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