Our Team

John Waltman

President / CEO

John Waltman serves as President & CEO of Onpoint Energy Services. Mr. Waltman started his career learning all of the intricate positions of the oil and gas business and has 30 years of experience. John has served in various roles with drilling companies, rig move operations and has consulted on drilling operations for some of the leading oil and gas companies in the industry.
John’s dedication to excellent customer service, cost efficiencies, and detailed logistics coordination result in profitability and success for all Onpoint projects.

Blake Bechtel

Vice President

Blake Bechtel serves as Vice President of Onpoint Energy Services. Before joining Onpoint, Mr. Bechtel served in various roles at Shebester Bechtel Inc, including operational management and finances. With his lifelong proximity to the energy services industry, Mr. Bechtel is well prepared to propel Onpoint into the future with leadership and is an effective business model that understands our customers needs and expectations.

Ron Hammond


Ron Hammond is a highly motivated leader focused on delivering strong, sustainable results through the evaluation of market trends and strategic action. Ron’s ability to make record sales and his experience building businesses propel him to thrive in any market.